As I walked into the beautiful home, I was greeted by many smiling and gracious faces. It felt like I was at a family reunion, and in no time, I felt like one of the family!

My husband and I had been on the road all day for the first leg of our trip to Colorado. This allowed me to attend the Spring Board Meeting of the Walter A. and Charlotte Soule Family Foundation. You see, these folks have been granting funds to Rainbow for the last 16 years! My attendance allowed me to put names to faces, meet members of the family, including matriarch Charlotte, and share with them the impact they have made on our organization. And what an impact it has been!

As the evening progressed, it became evident that their Soule family name resonated through their values and choices . . . these folks truly have soul. Heart and soul! They are even teaching their teenagers to care and share as junior board members. This is such an important philanthropic topic these days, and seeing this in action with their family, and with other funders, is inspiring. I left that evening with such gratitude and appreciation for this family and for all they do for Rainbow.

Interactions with caring people like this can brighten any day. My heart is filled with gratitude and my soul is touched because of this family and the many people who care for and about the Rainbow children and adults.

Thank you Soule family for making my trip to Colorado even more inspiring than the mountains! May each of you have daily interactions that fill your heart, touch your soul, and inspire you to reach as high as the mountains.

Blessings to each of you,