Open Letter from the Board Chair

The German Philosopher Georg Hegel once said, “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” I believe this can be generally true in the business world, but perhaps even more so for those involved in Special Education, such as Rainbow Center.

As Board Chairman, I am proud to be associated with Rainbow Center not only because of the tremendous impact being made to overcome learning disabilities, but also the professional and caring manner in which they provide this service. The educators, staff, and support employees at Rainbow Center all have a passion for children and adults with special needs.

Now, I’m admittedly a little biased in my views about this great organization. But I have seen firsthand the amount of care, patience, and love that is extended to clients to help them learn and become more self-supportive. One of my favorite aspects of our Board meetings is to hear about success stories. Stories such as a student that would cry getting on the bus to their public school now runs through Rainbow Center doors and hugs a teacher. An adult that was introverted and shy is now known and liked by everyone in Rainbow Options. These kinds of things don’t happen just because a building exists with classrooms and a sign out front. It happens because the employees and volunteers truly care… and are fully dedicated to the mission.

Now that school’s out, it’s a time for students, parents, teachers, and volunteers to have a well-deserved break and get re-energized for the fall. But it’s a great time for the rest of us to think ahead to what will be needed to make sure Rainbow Center is able to deliver these great educational services for 2017 and beyond. Several months back, I sat with Marilu and Jill and we mapped out several key objectives to accomplish during 2016. I’m happy to report that most of them have been accomplished already, including the wonderful update to the website. I mention this for those reading this blog that may be considering a financial gift to Rainbow Center, or who have given generously in the past. Please know that every dollar is valuable to this organization and is used effectively to meet needs. The staff has proven to be excellent stewards of the resources available, and consistently make good decisions about when and where to spend money. They are proactive to address issues early, and work hard to stretch funding as much as possible. 100% of your donations are put to work locally, right here at our facilities, to enrich the lives of local families.

I am pleased to see so many new financial supporters of Rainbow Center. Our most recent fund raising event, “Rockin’ the Rainbow” was a huge success, with more attendees than ever before and donations well above our goal. The energy and excitement of that event appropriately reflected the positive happenings at Rainbow Center. Check out the “Events” section of the website to see photos! If you attended, donated, volunteered, organized or in some way supported that event, I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to each of you. Please know your involvement directly and positively impacts the lives of special needs individuals right here in our community.

Finally, I’d like to recognize and thank the 16 other members of our Board of Directors. These are highly involved and diversely talented individuals who give their time and resources to assist with the operational, financial, and planning aspects of the organization. Many times, their actions are done “behind the scenes” – without much fanfare or recognition. To my fellow Board members… thank you for all you do and the passion you have for the Rainbow Center mission. I’m honored to serve with you.

Have a great summer!

Jim Morgan